A new way for content creators to share their favorite products (and remain ad-free)

A new way for content creators to share their favorite products (and remain ad-free)

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Andrew Warner 0:04
Hey there freedom fighters. My name is Andrew Warner. I’m the founder of mixergy where I interview entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses joining me directly from where what city are you in today? Barcelona actually

Unknown Speaker 0:13
sorry, Barcelona,

Andrew Warner 0:14
Barcelona, Spain. Are you a long walk around in Barcelona you guys out of

Enric Gabarro? 0:20
town Bengaluru? yes yeah we started last week and we’re free to go away you can go to the terraces have a dream so yeah, it’s really good like the restaurant yet. Yes, you can you see, every

Andrew Warner 0:31
time you went.

Enric Gabarro? 0:32
So it was actually yesterday and it felt amazing. Like I had really nice, topas on the terrace.

Andrew Warner 0:40
So it was really really cool. Kind of enjoying not having to do all that I have to tell you. I still love going to restaurants, going to coffee shops. I really love not having any of that it feels like a simpler life. It’s

Enric Gabarro? 0:52
it’s a minimalism that I’m enjoying. To me. The part that I really enjoy is not having to dress everyday for going to the office, like wearing myself. sweat pads at home. I really love that. My wife is like that she

Andrew Warner 1:03
has now been enjoying the fact that she doesn’t have to get all dressed up for work. She’s

Enric Gabarro? 1:09
right. I can’t I can’t imagine I can’t imagine for a woman is even better. It’s like because like all the makeup everything is like No, I’m just staying home and I’m just gonna wear my pajamas. Meanwhile, I wear jeans all the time anyway.

Andrew Warner 1:20
Like doesn’t change. Yeah, um, alright, so the voice that you heard his name is Enric Gabarro.

Enric Gabarro? 1:28
Exactly, exactly. And they go, Oh,

Andrew Warner 1:30
yeah. And the capital. He is the founder of picker. Imagine this. Imagine you’re somebody who is there’s a woman who I think about would be perfect for picker. This frickin woman. She’ll post a video of herself driving down Lombard Street here in San Francisco, you know, the curvy street in the world with all the turns and the flowers in the middle, just beautiful road. But it looks like there’s a drone following her. And she shows it for all of four seconds and then afterwards She goes, here’s how I made it. And for five seconds, she shows that it’s really a selfie stick with one of these 380 degree instant cameras, right? That shoot from anywhere. And then afterwards, you can say what you want shot. It’s just her and some dude driving with her holding on to this selfie stick. And that’s how she’s doing it on the cheap. Now, that’s what she did. That’s beautiful. Imagine if instead of saying, look, this is Insta 360, whatever she would have said, here’s a link, go see all the things that I’ve got, including the selfie stick that’s super large. That’s not the one that they usually recommend. It’s the 360 now has multiple cameras. So you link directly to the one and by the way, if she’s somebody who’s especially popular online, she can make a commission from recommending that camera to me.

Enric Gabarro? 2:49
Or you’re describing what do we do, right? That’s what it is. Exactly.

Andrew Warner 2:53
And for people who are not influencers who are not looking to make money from this, we just want to say this is the thing that I use. This is the These are the pots and pans that I recommend for the food that I make at home. They can also have a nice page that allows them to share all that stuff. And maybe they don’t care about making commission, either one can use picker, and the URL for that is picker.me. That is antiques website. No, I wrote the art. You shouldn’t roll it when there’s just one word no. This is what Enrico has created and invited him here to talk about how well the business is doing. And we can talk about it thanks to two phenomenal sponsors. The first he’s a customer all these a user Rob will talk about how he used top cow to hire developers. And the second actually developers chloral or one

Enric Gabarro? 3:37
develop. No,

Andrew Warner 3:38
I yeah, developers, we got to actually two all right now Now there’s one that you’ve been going to quite a bit and then the second is if you’re out there marketing, whether it’s yourself whether it’s your business, whether it’s actually what else is there, it’s your personal brand, your business, your whatever it is, you got to learn how to get traffic to what you’re building, and that’s what Traffic Secrets the podcast will will help you do but I’ll talk about those later. First, and Rick, give me a sense of how much money have you raised so far just a bootstrap company? What is?

Enric Gabarro? 4:05
Well, it’s not bootstrap company. We got some external fundraising, like mainly from business angels and the founders itself. So which is raised around 1 million so far in our pre seat? No, that was on pre seed last year. And right now we’re closing our seed funding round. How much is that? Well, that’s going to be around one or even more than one that depends on the last commitments where you’re getting,

Andrew Warner 4:31
and you’re not a developer, right. your background is in influencers and

Enric Gabarro? 4:34
you’re able to do this Exactly. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last seven years. Like you remember when YouTube started and a lot of people used to say, oh, YouTube is just this website where people just look at videos of kids playing computer games. I was one of those kids like I was fascinated by by people playing online, and I started taking a look at youtubers when youtubers were nothing major and I joined a company that Were developing a strategy called partnerships with brands to do influencer campaigns back in the day were

Andrew Warner 5:06
influencer campaigns with with YouTubers who are video game YouTube

Enric Gabarro? 5:11
games every every single thing like it from Beauty lifestyle bloggers.

That was in 2012.

Andrew Warner 5:18
And so your your company that you worked for what was it? DB move? It’s a company that it’s based in Berlin in Germany. And so they would find brands and then say we’ve got an influencer, who should be talking up your brand will mean connection.

Enric Gabarro? 5:32
Yeah, like I was taking care of the Spanish market. I’m some international accounts and what we were doing were contacting brands and undoing partnerships with them for grading branded content and campaigns, especially in YouTube. Like we

Andrew Warner 5:44
are especially proud of one project and that person

Enric Gabarro? 5:48
would really love it. We worked with one of the biggest youtubers in the world he has more than right now I don’t even remember like I think it’s more than 30 million subscribers on YouTube. It’s called the Rubio’s. And we did like a huge Kick it in his face. And it was a really fun project. That was really cool. So

Andrew Warner 6:05
kick cat said, you find something for us to do you found him. And then did you brainstorm with him what he could do that? You did? Yeah, we personally,

Enric Gabarro? 6:14
yeah. Well, personally with the team and the company, we decided, Okay, what could work because the thing is that I was in the middle. So I had to, I had to brainstorm an idea that makes sense for the marketing purposes of the company and at the same time make sense for the audience or the YouTuber. So that’s basically what my role was. So it was about brainstorming, going back and forth with the brand and finally we decided to do a video and it’s one super super viewed video, I can share with you afterwards if you want.

Andrew Warner 6:40
I’d love to see it. Um, what I’m wondering though, is beyond the number of people who watched it How Does kicad know that this worked well for them or not? How do they measure

Enric Gabarro? 6:48
that it’s that’s that’s the thing it’s like branding that with corroboration with big influencers, like tracking sales is it’s a really hard thing. So you don’t know if you’re selling more more cats which you know is that branding parameters, like of mine or maybe the the recommendation or the amount of views you’re saying, Oh kid God has a lot of notoriety notoriety for for this video, but you cannot know sales You know?

Andrew Warner 7:10
So what do you do? You just told them? That’s not what this is about. This is branding and brands understand branding. Exactly, exactly. They’re not looking to understand exactly how many pieces of cake were so because of that, so you got it made sense to you. Yeah. And then where did you come up with the idea for picker so that’s when

Enric Gabarro? 7:26
it all started like I was seeing a lot of influencers in YouTube that were saying oh my god, this is the best thing I’ve ever gotten and this is not paid this is I just love it. This is the best coffee into God and I was like, Well that sounds interesting is like influencers can do that. What he’s not only influencers, but I can know like what my friends love. I have a friend that juwan he knows a lot about decoration. I’m like, Oh my god, I wish it could have estates

Andrew Warner 7:49
with you. You’re starting to see the influencers that you were working with. Yeah, randomly recommending things beyond what they were paid for it. Yeah, I see that a lot. It kind of annoys me when YouTube Verse endlessly was not a paid endorsement. Hey, tough guy I understand that Apple is not paying you to say that you like their mouse just give it a break for a second but I get it because in the comments people always say you got paid to do this exactly the way so what you’re noticing was influencers people go to them these people I hate the word influencers but people who have the word

Enric Gabarro? 8:19
implants or has been completely destroyed actually, like it’s something I like to talk about content creators, to be honest. And there’s so many there’s I

Andrew Warner 8:26
do think creators is a better way. And it’s Yeah, all right. So creators have a way of they, they will mention the things that they love mentioning things that they use, and you’re saying, There’s got to be a way for them to make a little bit of money off of those. Exactly.

Enric Gabarro? 8:41
Yeah, exactly. Not not only a little bit of money is like I want to be able to share my favorite products with my friends. It’s like they always say energy always get great wines because you really you really enjoy it and a typical Spanish, you know, and it’s like, well, I wish I could give I wish I could tell you where do I buy them on where you can get them so that’s why I didn’t What about this? What about making accessible the products? I love them the purse I use so that my friends can get better things for their lives.

Andrew Warner 9:06
So we’re going to commerce, it’s not even just about that it was somebody likes something, how can I get a list of all the things that they like as a podcaster? He’s been podcasting for a long time. How do I get a list of the tools that Andrew uses to podcast?

Enric Gabarro? 9:20
Imagine, imagine I want to start today a podcast is like I would what I would do is like, just check your profile, because I want to know what microphone you’re using. Maybe I can look at that one because it’s a super top one. Or maybe I can knock at the table. It makes us use it by us. But then I’m like, Okay, I get an inspiration. And the thing is that to me getting 500 reviews on Amazon from people i don’t know, i To be honest, I don’t care. But if there’s only one that I care, and I know he knows a lot about it, like if you talk about podcasts, I’m like, Well, I’m gonna get the microphone that under suggest because I know he’s the real deal.

Andrew Warner 9:53
Right? Okay, I get that. And I think that way about books too. A lot of times I’ll read book, book reviews on Amazon, and it just spoils the book because some hate is on me. And then I can’t stop paying attention to the thing that’s completely irrelevant. Got it? So it was a reverse a reviews. Where do you think you’re gonna make money from this?

Enric Gabarro? 10:14
So it’s basically two things is like, it’s we generate a commission from every sale. So when people share their favorite products on I discover your microphone and I buy it, we generate a commission. And at the same time brands want to want to invest money on generating this type of sales. And that’s the thing that is super cool is like if the microphone provider of the G us comes to bigger and says, Hey, I want to advertise my great products. We’re like, well, there’s all these people that are sharing that this microphone is great. So that’s the whole thing like what we’re building right now. It’s like kind of a Google system where you just put a budget and we can generate orders for you automatically what brands can put a budget and then generate the right influence influence Exactly. Catherine who’s a mixergy listener Who created best self this collection of beautiful products? One of them is a journal. Yeah, if she wants people who could help promote her journal, she would come to your platform you envisioned. Find the right people, the ones who have sway in this personal development in the journaling space, and then approach them and say, Hey, why don’t you try my journal out? And if you’d like it added to your collection recommended that was a vision. That’s what we see in the long in the long run.

Andrew Warner 11:24
Right. So anyway, that’s your vision. You’re not a developer, you’re not someone who sat down and coated this whole thing from scratch. What did you do to get the first version built?

Unknown Speaker 11:33
Well, the first version built to me was clear. I was like, I was with my my co my co founder, Danny, he actually I told you the story like we listen a lot about about you guys when when, when your podcast Yeah, exactly. I

Andrew Warner 11:46
love it. When we connect. Like Andrew, you’re the guy was listening to

Enric Gabarro? 11:48
Yeah, I remember back in the day when we started in late 2017. We were like listening to lots of podcasts to get inspiration. And I remember I love the guy from the vino actually and there’s some similarities To what we’re building, and also another one with with Airbnb, guys. So Danny and I, Danny moved from Miami to Barcelona to start the company together with me. And we said, well, there’s one thing that we’re missing because he’s a business guy. I’m an advertising strategy guy. So we’re missing a CTO. So then we we met Conan, who’s this Irish developer, and we’re like, Hey, we have this idea. What do you think about this? And he said, this sounds like fun. Let’s do it. So that’s how we build our first MVP.

Andrew Warner 12:29
How did you find your call the first co founder

Enric Gabarro? 12:32
through Angel list? Actually, no, my first co founder, it was a really good friend of mine since we were kids and the other one through Angel list.

Andrew Warner 12:39
Okay, wait, so can you give me the names again, Connor is CTO that I call

Unknown Speaker 12:43
them. Conan and

Andrew Warner 12:45
Conan. Excuse me. Right? Cool. I didn’t mean to call him Connor. Conan is the guy that you found. He’s the one that connected the two of us. Right? Yeah. How did you connect with him? How did you find him?

Enric Gabarro? 12:55
I found him through Angel list. I saw his picture. He was kind of a funny Baker with her like With a hangover phase and sunglasses, I was like, I want to talk to this guy. He lives on

Andrew Warner 13:04
a rousing Angel list looking for a tech founder. Exactly. Somebody who is interesting looking. And just because you pitch them your idea, why would he want to work with you?

Enric Gabarro? 13:13
Well, because we, we explain him the whole plan, the experience that we had in the field when we were building and the projections that we had, and he was like he he just quit his job in Barcelona. He sounded interesting. I said, let’s just give it a try. Let’s do a three month period, trial period. And we’ll see how it goes. And actually we have been together for more than two years and a half on this has been a hell of a fun ride.

Andrew Warner 13:38
That’s shocking that you’d be able to get get them to do that with you. What’s the first version look like?

Enric Gabarro? 13:43
The first version I I always describe it as the ugliest website I have ever seen in my life. It was just like a just a basic website with three profiles, one of beauty, one of fitness and one of technology. And you could click on the faces of these people to discover what they favorite products looked like. And the fun part is how they added their favorite products, Andrew because it was an XML file that I sent to the influencers and they had to send me back the XML with the links of their products and the recommendations of why they liked this product.

Andrew Warner 14:15
And they did that.

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Enric Gabarro? 14:16
And they did that in my big pain because the big pain because like they really want to give access to their favorite products and we don’t think about that and that’s something that it really it’s something that they really want to to help their followers and I think

Andrew Warner 14:30
I would have done it I would have just gone and created a web page on my site mixergy comm slash products, whatever, and put links to that, but I guess it’s an ugly way to do it. It’s it’s not really the right way to

Enric Gabarro? 14:42
start. Like if you want to start like this, if you want to start a hustle, you can definitely do it but you have to contact the brands get the affiliate, check the links that it works, check the prices are all right.

Andrew Warner 14:53
So if I’m doing it all on Amazon fine, I go deal with my Amazon affiliate account, grab my links from Amazon affiliate account and so on. But you’re saying Andrew, if you want to go beyond that to all these other platforms, and you want to find out if there’s an affiliate program that pays and all that that’s a pain that’s what it means. What if you want to recommend the table that you’re using like the table that you’re using? Maybe you don’t have it on Amazon on their sizes a the uplift desk I saw so many YouTubers talk about this. And that’s what made me trust it the people who I like, from nine to five back, so

Enric Gabarro? 15:25
right cool thing. If I want to do that

Andrew Warner 15:27
you’re saying I could go and look to see if they have an affiliate program, see if I could make a connection with them. Versus with you. You go and deal with that whole brand. do everything for you. Got it. Got it. All right. So I understand why they would deal with putting together a spreadsheet what is the final product, the one that their audience saw look like?

Enric Gabarro? 15:44
So well the final product was that was just a website and they could see their their profile with a face on the name of the users and they could see all the products so then when they clicked on the product, they could go and see more information or they could go to the Amazon and buy the product. That’s how we worked

Andrew Warner 16:04
on so I’m messing with the mute button on my iPad. I’m experiment like, thing is that I make these stray sound sometimes when I’m on mic. And so the thing that I’ve always done is had a keyboard here hit the mute button on the keyboard, able to sniffle, I’m able to cough all that stuff that nobody should have to hear. But I don’t have all my equipment now because we’re kind of in COVID I don’t know where I’m going to be. So I’ve been just working off a laptop. I can’t even hit the mute button because on the laptop because the laptop is pretty

Unknown Speaker 16:35
hard is over there. Yeah, yeah.

Andrew Warner 16:37
So I’m now doing the screen share from my iPad to the laptop because the laptop gets the best recording and how are you doing with all this COVID work from home?

Enric Gabarro? 16:45
Um, to be honest, I’m enjoying it like to me. Well, I’d also like everything

Andrew Warner 16:49
on the shorts and stuff. Do you do work well, remotely with your team?

Enric Gabarro? 16:54
Yeah, we work insanely well. Like we had a remote policy of one day a week and now we’re going to be We’re going to move to three days a week remote policy because like, the team is super engaged. just huge. I think you just have to double down communication like processes so that everything works properly. But the feeling we’re getting is like, also because engagement is over the roof right now. And it’s going really good. So I think this also maintains the momentum and the team really happy meaning engagement. your user base is growing now. Yeah, it’s growing a lot like last month. That because COVID people say home people cannot go to shop so they buy online. And we’re seeing now a huge increase in shopping of also random products like you wouldn’t believe what people search for in picker like in Germany, or now a lot of people are searching for construction recommendations. I’m talking about screwdrivers, I’m talking about hammers,

Andrew Warner 17:48
you know, to go to picker.me and start searching for construction equipment. I would never think not

Enric Gabarro? 17:53
you well that’s the thing is like when you start seeing that there’s a lot of people that are recommending their favorite products and they’re experts In building stuff you’re like well I want to go to bigger because there I can see who my friends are influencers are recommending what products to use so and I my friends

Andrew Warner 18:07
on picker How would I know now know my

Enric Gabarro? 18:11
space thing know right now we’re just in Spain, Germany and Austria and Switzerland and we’re going to the US and UK and US in the upcoming month so you’re going to be able to do it and my friends you want me to find my friends to look

Andrew Warner 18:24
for Asians? Or is your vision for me to look for people who are who are more experienced?

Enric Gabarro? 18:31
Exactly right now the beginning what do we want us to get? experts, journalists influencers that share the favorite products and because there are the early adopters so at the end, we want you to share your favorite products and we want your friends to share their favorite products. But we want when when you start with it, what I want is that you invite all your network so that they can start seeing your pics and get some viral growth to exactly that’s how we do it.

Unknown Speaker 18:54

Enric Gabarro? 18:55
because I’m pretty sure Andrew if I asked you give me one name of a friend of yours that you would treat just for decoration accessories, we we always always have one person for every single thing like

Andrew Warner 19:07
it’s this guy Marshall Haas. I don’t know him but he was the one who introduced me I think to the Airbnb guys years ago. He showed a picture of his house, everything he seems to create is beautiful. He showed a picture of his house looks stunning. I said, This guy must have really good taste that he can create these beautiful products. And his house. Really happy to mention. No, it’s my wife who designed the house if you like, if you like this, you should follow her on Instagram. Now follow me on Instagram. Well, it’s true. She does have really good taste. That’s why I would turn to men and that

Enric Gabarro? 19:39
you just said you just said what is our vision like our vision for words we’re building is get everyone states and not only get in terms of like seeing it understanding it, but with Baker you will be able to buy the taste of that person.

Andrew Warner 19:53
The way that it works now is if I follow her on Instagram, which I am, yeah, she didn’t. She is a picker user. She linked me over to her stuff on picture. Exactly. That’s how it works. In the bio link, it would be in the bio, and we’ve been the Instagram stories. It would be on YouTube, it would be even in Twitch. We haven’t even Twitchers it would be everywhere. Like that’s the way it is now, largely, it’s not people actively going to your site. It’s more than they’re walking, talking about the like, and they’re

Enric Gabarro? 20:21
Yeah, we’re talking. We’re talking around a 20% of direct organic traffic. So it’s increasing month over month. And it’s more happening, especially now that we’re investing a lot in SEO because our content is great for SEO, like Pinterest. And that’s something that we’re we’re definitely working towards because right now basically, it’s like the influencers that bring a lot of people through the swipe of Instagram stories.

Andrew Warner 20:46
Alright, I’m going to come back and ask you how big the company is now revenue wise, and then get back to after you took the spreadsheet and you’ve built the web page for them. What was the next step? But first, I’ve got to talk about my first sponsor. It’s a company called top towel. You’ve used top towel hi To use top towel.

Enric Gabarro? 21:01
So we use stopped out for building a lot of stuff in the website because we didn’t have an in house full stack developer and we didn’t want to go through the whole process of hiring someone and the onboarding. And we said, Hey, I know about I knew about top towel before because of you. I was like, Well, I’m gonna give it a try. Because this guy, I really liked the way you do advertisement about your sponsors. And I was like, Well, if he recommends it, and I have one friend that also worked in which we topped out, I sent him as a developer, as a developer, as

Andrew Warner 21:33
a developer. He said, I get the quality of people that they work with Andrew was talking about them. And so the way that you do the way that you work with them was you told me that in one case, you needed a page created and you couldn’t have Conan create the page for you. Is that clear?

Enric Gabarro? 21:48
Yeah, exactly.

Andrew Warner 21:50
I guess it would just take them about a week or so. And

Enric Gabarro? 21:52
it’s about it’s exactly it’s about timing. It’s ideal CTO time where managing team and at the same time just trying to get some hours forward. developing this this webpage, which was about unifying different parts, and we said, hey, let’s just externalize it to top down. And we’re going to do it in two days instead of in one week.

Andrew Warner 22:09
And so you went to who? What’s the name of the guy? First?

Unknown Speaker 22:12
Oh, my God, Thomas

Andrew Warner 22:14
Thomas. So you go to Thomas. And the reason you know, Thomas could get it done is because you’ve worked with Thomas in the past. Yeah, that’s exactly to us. And so you’re saying, hey, look, we know Thomas Thomas. Work. Let’s just go back to top town. We’ll get Thomas on exactly take Thomas to build it. It was one day and a half actually, versus how much if you guys did internally,

Enric Gabarro? 22:33
why and why internally would be around five days to one week.

Andrew Warner 22:37
Why do you think that they’re that good?

Enric Gabarro? 22:40
I think because it like, first of all, if they are experts on what they’re doing, like my the CTO of our company, he knows a lot about anything. He loves to say that he’s not an expert in anything. Like he’s really good architecture. And he knows a lot about iOS, but he’s not a web developer. And at the end, what you want is like, well, you’re going to invest some quit here, but it’s going to be better for your team. Because you’re going to get it done on in a really good quality. Oh my god, it sounds like I’m doing a whole amazing advertising for Tata, but I’m actually pretty happy with it. You did say you like the way that I do my ad the

Andrew Warner 23:09
way that I like to turn it into the guest and how

Unknown Speaker 23:13

Andrew Warner 23:14
about the product or the company or the challenge that they’re going with? Alright, so I’m glad to hear that you’re working with top towel. Anyone out there who has not tried top towel should just do this one simple thing, go to top towel.com slash mixergy. And I’ll spell both those in a moment. And when you do you’re going to have a button you can press to schedule a call with someone a top towel. You work with a matcher over there my right Enric Yes, yeah. And what is the mantra do?

Unknown Speaker 23:35
Ah, well, actually, I’m not dealing with it. Like I know we do it but I

Andrew Warner 23:41
Yeah, exactly. I’ll tell you guys what happens with the matter. They first understand whether it’s gonna be a good fit for you to work with top talent or not. And if it is, they’ll understand what you’re looking for and then go to their network of people and then bring you off into maybe three people who would be perfect for the job that you’re hiring for. If you like them, you can hire an off and get started right away. If you don’t, you’ve lost Nothing, but it all starts by hitting that one big button. And if you use the button on the page I’m about to give you, you’ll get 80 hours of developer credit when you pay for your first 80 hours. In addition to a no risk trial period of up to two weeks, you’ve heard so many people I’ve interviewed use top towel either because they found it on their own or in this case, because they heard them through me. I urge you to go and try it for yourself. That is top towel.com slash mixergy to PTA l.com slash MIXE rG Why? Top as in top of your head, thousand talent, top towel calm slash mixergy. What is the revenue Now give me a sense of how big your company has gotten so far. So

Enric Gabarro? 24:37
right now the revenue we’re going to be generating this year, around 1 million. And that’s that’s where we’re going how much last year.

Andrew Warner 24:46
Last year was around 300,000. And so the first half of this year if you’ve done half a million so far. Yes, yeah. Wow. All right. And it’s all of sales of people coming from the content creators. Or coming directly to your site, finding a product hitting a button and then going and buying it from some other third party site. Exactly. That’s how it works. All right, you design the first version of this site, which was a spreadsheet that somebody would send over to you, you manually go and hunt down the affiliate products and then put it together for them. Did it work?

Enric Gabarro? 25:19
Well, it really worked. Like the first day I remember we were on a terrace, celebrating that the side was up, influencer started doing mentions, and we got to like our, our co founder, and he was like, well, like, I hope we’re gonna get some user the first day and I was like, we’re not gonna get a lot of, we’re not gonna get a little bit of user, we’re gonna get a lot of users. So I remember like, Google Analytics, like just skyrocketed. We hit like, 500. And in a couple of minutes,

Andrew Warner 25:44
because you understood the power of creators. That’s why I knew this would work out.

Unknown Speaker 25:49

Andrew Warner 25:50
And what you were testing was, will creators want this does it solve a problem for them? And the answer is, yes.

Enric Gabarro? 25:55
I already knew that because that was a pain that they had. What I wanted to test is what kind of image influencers are truly the ones that are going to generate revenue. And that are going to be powerful to bring their audience which is something that we don’t know about, which is what we call internally a trust rate, which is like an influencer that has 5 million followers on YouTube. It doesn’t mean he stressed it or she stressed it. Someone that has 5000 followers is normally much more trusted than someone with 5 million. And that’s something that is what I like to call the revolution of micro influencing, which is something that is going to happen in the upcoming years because at the end of the day, every single person in the world is an influencer. So you’re an influencer to your friends. You’re an influencer, do a small community, it doesn’t mean that you have thousands or hundred thousand followers, but your opinion matters to a lot of people. And that’s why it’s worth that you share your favorite products.

Andrew Warner 26:46
See, what you were trying to figure out was? Is it only the big players who are going to give us traffic and customers or will the smaller ones also have enough impact? And the answer was yes, the smaller ones do, but the smaller ones might have have enough impact on a per se thousand follower basis? But they don’t have that many I don’t the bigger influencers sound more the ones with the bigger followings?

Enric Gabarro? 27:12
No, they don’t? No, they don’t. Do we have one sell more? I have, we have had people that are 1015 k followers, and they sell more than people with half a million followers. How,

Andrew Warner 27:25
how typical is that?

Enric Gabarro? 27:26
Well, from my experience, we have had more than 2000 influencers is quite typical.

Andrew Warner 27:32
All right. Okay. So you understood that what’s the next step? How did you continue building this?

Enric Gabarro? 27:37
So the next step was about how are we going to make this happen and without having 60 interns or junior people looking for influencers? So I started then researching how we can automate it. And that’s where we came out with one thing that we call the bigger Hunter. And that’s our automated software for detecting and pitching influencers.

Andrew Warner 27:59
picker. Hi. Under,

Unknown Speaker 28:00
yeah, it’s called a bigger hunger. It’s an internal software like you’re not you’re not going to find anything on the internet about it.

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cupom com desconto - o melhor site de cupom de desconto cupomcomdesconto.com.br

Andrew Warner 28:05
He was starting to tell me a little bit about it. But you said, Andrew, I’ll tell you how it works. But you can’t talk about in the interview. And I said, Well, if I can’t talk about an interview, I don’t want to know how it works. I’ll ask you questions as my sense, my senses are probably are looking at some, some metric, like comments and engagement as a didn’t as a numerator. And the denominator is number of followers and you’re trying to figure out who has a lot of comments or a lot of likes or a lot of whatever’s that is disproportionately high based on the number of followers that they have. And if they do, then you follow up with them. And I could talk about what I think your follow up process is, am I on the right track? that’s a

Enric Gabarro? 28:48
that’s a little bit that’s a little bit the the first MVP of what we build like right now it’s a little bit more complex, because there’s there’s like, NLP analysis. We know the engagement They have which who they are related on another information,

Andrew Warner 29:04
natural language processing NLP what is what do you do with that?

Enric Gabarro? 29:07
So we analyze what language they speak and based on that we pitch them okay all right because

Andrew Warner 29:14
so you’re you’re doing analysis on them you’re you’re seeing how active their community is you’re smiling because you don’t want me to know but once you do that my hunch is the next step is to put it into some process some software like mail shake where you find their email address probably you have people who look for no you don’t want to find their email address you want to do a via direct messaging on their platform I write

Unknown Speaker 29:38
sometimes yes,

Andrew Warner 29:38
sometimes not. Okay. And then you have an automated system with humans or all software reaching

Enric Gabarro? 29:45
we have like it’s a combination like all the system is automated, but we have humans behind it just in case question XCOM and or any other issue that they want to alright they want to know about,

Andrew Warner 29:55
so you won’t talk about the details of it. Now. The first version of that was one of the clear test that you needed to run to see whether this business can grow, right? Yeah. Can you did you find a way to grow? What did that look like? What was that process? What is what was?

Enric Gabarro? 30:09
Yeah, it was super easy it was based on the data we have. I was just telling them it’s something that I got inspired about Airbnb, which was for increasing supply is I just tell people, if they can make money, just tell them how much they’re going to do. So what we were doing is like, Oh, you have 50,000 followers, you can make this much of money like this. And we’re like, Oh, that’s interesting. Ah, got it. And but it was you personally reaching out to them?

Andrew Warner 30:33
Yes, exactly. Probably saying, here’s the influencer, you know, he’s already working with us. She’s already been with us. And here’s how much money you could make. Are you interested? They respond. They say they’re, yeah, they’re interested. And the key thing that you told me was important for you to do it picker was create affiliate. Well take away the work of creating an affiliate program from the influencer, right? Yeah. And then the other part was make it easier for them to select their products on the shopping site. Exactly. actly. So instead of me going to Amazon finding the URL and putting it into your site, you bring up the Amazon site.

Enric Gabarro? 31:08
Exactly. It’s really everything we bring. We have more than 100 partners. And we bring everything on the site. So it’s like you just go on search, what product you want to recommend.

Andrew Warner 31:17
And that’s what Conan needed to build. That’s where his development skills finally came in. Yeah, right. Exactly. The first version of the site, you probably could have built by yourself with a friend.

Enric Gabarro? 31:26
Yeah, that would that could have been easy, right. But it was about the app because the app was the the the powerful for the powerful piece for adding picks

Andrew Warner 31:35
the app or like it was a web app.

Enric Gabarro? 31:38
It was a web app. But for adding pigs. We’ve that’s why we build the app. Like the web app is more for seeing the content as a user but a urine influencer that wants to out the pig. So would you do everything through the app? Okay, got it. I’m not going to a web page. I’m going to the app. I’m picking out the products on Amazon. Do you let me pick out from different stores based on your right now have it Yeah. We have right now we have more than 100 stores,

Andrew Warner 32:03
more than 100 stores and I could decide who’s going to pay me more and link to them not right now. This is something that we’re optimizing ourselves. I’ve been watching a lot of the photography YouTubers that I follow switch from sending Amazon links to b&h photo links. Yeah, and it’s partially because Amazon’s reducing their payouts and also partially because I think it adds credibility and it makes you feel like it’s like I’m talking to somebody who’s in the photography business when they’re talking about b&h versus just a general interest store. Yeah, it feels it feels nicer but I’m the payment

Enric Gabarro? 32:36
there’s a big pain here is like when you’re sharing a link of Amazon this link of Amazon dies after a couple of hours but if you have a place where you store all the products you like like bigger it’s like we’re now influencers are doing that we like our retention with influencers is really really good. So like when they started using one year and a half ago, they now just say, oh, everything that I’m using, just go to bigger you will find it there. That’s how they do it. So you create the habit. On on both the influencer side and on the user side, because they’re like, Oh, I’m not going to ask it on Instagram or I’m not going to add a comment, I will just know just go to bigger and just look for it there and see this.

Andrew Warner 33:12
I told you that I talked to the founder of genius he created, he now owns kit CO, which is a place for I thought it was just photographers, but for anyone to build a web page that links out to the products that they use. So if I like a videographer, I can go over to his co page, see all the stuff that he’s using, and then buy it. And and I’m guessing they get a commission from linking on there, right. yakking at your face to see how you’re feeling about talking about

Unknown Speaker 33:39
No, no, we’re gonna talk about Yeah, we’re gonna talk about kid.

Andrew Warner 33:42
I mean, I’m gonna talk about a toy but I want to know like, Deaf to soft pedal it or Can I just go open with you? One of the things that you told me before we started was you said, Look, kid CO is good, but it was too early. What do you mean by too early? What was what’s the challenge with them?

Enric Gabarro? 33:56
I think I think I think you don’t go there. Don’t get me wrong. Like I think it looks Amazing I really liked it. But I think part of the pain was not taken out. Like if I have to go and add the legs myself, Well, first of all, I have to be a hustler. Second of all, I have to be an influencer. And third of all I need to do all the affiliate work work works, because I

Andrew Warner 34:12
have my own affiliate program. Exactly. Exactly. with Amazon with bnh with whatever I’m using with whatever platform

Enric Gabarro? 34:18
you want to be recommending. So that I think that that are just

Andrew Warner 34:22
out there earlier. They were clunkier, they were simpler.

Unknown Speaker 34:25
You said that

Andrew Warner 34:28
all right, I get it and they change hands a few times he just recently I think bought it Who was it? who owned it just before I

Enric Gabarro? 34:33
think before it was Patreon, right?

Andrew Warner 34:36
Patreon Ryan I don’t know why that was gonna fit in with Patreon. Maybe it was away. I think

Enric Gabarro? 34:40
it was from what I read. It was something regarding merchandising, because there were also selling there like influencers were also selling their merchandising

Unknown Speaker 34:47

Unknown Speaker 34:48
Okay, yeah. All right.

Andrew Warner 34:50
Let me talk about my second sponsor, and then find out what you did to scale the business up. Second sponsor is it’s a podcast. Do you still listen to podcast now that you’re at home?

Enric Gabarro? 34:58
Yeah, sometimes

Andrew Warner 35:00
do find that people are, are listening often to podcast less now less than they did when they were away. And thankfully, a big part of that is being counterbalanced by more people are still discovering podcasts. I can’t believe in the face of discovering podcasts to be online. They just never discovered podcasts before. Now there’s only sorry. Oh, yeah. Because now it’s suddenly in Spotify. Now it’s becoming a thing that you can listen to on your speaker. And you may not know for example, that the NPR thing that you’re listening to through your speaker is actually a podcast but it is a podcast. So I’m finding that thankfully, things are growing that way. But for a lot of people, they don’t listen to podcasts. What do you listen to podcasts when you’re listening now at home?

Enric Gabarro? 35:44
through the website, basically off the podcast like I think I’m a little bit old school when it comes to that because I discovered podcasts couple of years ago, especially with you know, an app. No, not through an app. Normally I go to the website and I just have it in favorites because sometimes they also post other tabs. content or articles, so I want to go a little bit in depth there.

Andrew Warner 36:05
For me, I still go to whatever podcast app I like. And I’ve been trying different ones. We just bought a bunch of ads on what is it called? It’s a Castro, the Castro Castro, okay, I bought ads with them. So I started using them again, just to get a sense of what they look like. And I like I like their little quirks. I like things like that. I don’t have to automatically have my podcast downloaded, they show me what’s new on the podcast, I follow and then I select the ones the episodes that I want to listen to and only download those. It creates a sense of minimalism for me, which I’ve been enjoying. So I keep trying different podcasting apps just to get a sense of what the world is like in there. Especially if I’m going to be advertising with them. So um, and for when I listen to it, anytime there’s something I hate to do. Air pod goes in my ear. I listen to a podcast or an audiobook and I do it. So yeah, if I had to put on a 10 Tano Yeah, I’ve been sleeping in the backyard in a tent once a week and it’s great for getting a little bit of space. no distractions. I see. I read I have time to myself. Anyway, when I set up the tent, I’m definitely listening to a podcast, I was actually sitting and listening to a podcast while staring at the fire that I built that that’s nice. That’s a really nice one. Kids make a mess. There’s nobody to clean it up. I’ll go and clean it up by listening to a podcast to now for a bit. Anyway, here’s a podcast for those of you out there who are listening, who are still listening to podcasts or looking for something new to get into who haven’t tried podcasts yet, but want to start something. Here’s one that’s going to be super fun, and really useful. It’s a podcast called Traffic Secrets. It’s created by Russell Brunson, he is the founder of Click Funnels. Do you know Click Funnels? No, I don’t know Click Funnels. Click Funnels makes landing pages really easy. And it’s more than landing pages. It allows you to collect email addresses and then upsell people and have order bumps and so many things and just beautifully done. So it’s quick landing pages that work. Well, what he discovered was As the people who are using landing pages well are especially good at getting traffic. And he said, Well, I know how to get traffic. I’ve done it for myself for my own software. He said he’s gotten tons of traffic for Click Funnels. But he said, I also see the people who use my software, they’re getting a lot of traffic. I learned so much. He wrote a book called Traffic Secrets. I love the book. It’s really well written because he’s a good storyteller. And he can tell you about the people who, who he’s watched us each technique. And he said, you know, let me do a podcast with some of the secrets that are in the book. Let me just talk about it. And it’s a fun podcast if you’re not into reading this is a good way for you to absorb the ideas from Traffic Secrets To book and if you’re a reader and you’re just saying is this the right topic for me is the right book for me you’ll get a sense of his style. By listening to traffic secrets to podcast, it’s full of actual tech, actual so techniques used by actual people for getting traffic to their sites, getting traffic to their ecommerce stores, getting traffic to what they’re creating and selling online. And so all you have to do if you’re interested is whatever podcast app you’re listening to me on go to traffic secret grids are search for Traffic Secrets and you will get it. It’s in Castro. It’s it’s an all them. What’s that? What’s the other one that I’m listening to Spotify been listening to in Spotify a little bit more?

Enric Gabarro? 39:10
Yeah, Spotify is the one the one I’ve been using to for podcast

Andrew Warner 39:14
apps. Yeah, sometimes Yeah. The nice thing that I like about pot about doing it on Spotify is, I have all these echo speakers around my house. If I’m listening to music on them using Spotify, I can use my Apple watch or the phone that’s in my pocket to raise and lower the volume. And I could also say play this podcast on Spotify. And then when I come back to my phone, Spotify, it picks up where I left off around my house. And so if I like the continuity, I like that I that I get the same experience in both places. Is it weird to ask you who was that who that was? It was over your shoulders. We were talking?

Enric Gabarro? 39:49
Ah, no, I didn’t realize I think it was my couple parolee here who is my partner? Oh, your partner you in relationship?

Andrew Warner 39:56
Yes. How’s that

Enric Gabarro? 39:58
been under COVID being Oh my God. Let’s not do let’s keep the topic tough, right? really tough.

Andrew Warner 40:04
Really, really tough. Yeah, that’s why I’m in the tent once a week I go in the tent. Well,

Unknown Speaker 40:08
yeah, why don’t have a tent? I don’t have a tent. I was thinking about going out of the window, but I think it’s at 441. So it wouldn’t it wouldn’t work.

Andrew Warner 40:18
You weren’t allowed to go on walks and stuff like that?

Enric Gabarro? 40:20
No, not at all. Oh, that like he was he was really strict here. It was really strange to me.

Andrew Warner 40:25
I was prepared to do I use swift for bike riding and place where I could it connects to a stationary bike when you cycle the character in the virtual world cycles. So I started to set that up again, and my wife says, you know, you can you can run in San Francisco outside. I said no way. Cuz Yeah, I’m calling 311. I call 311. They said, Yeah, you can run enjoy yourself. Just keep saving. Oh, This changes everything. Now I got my life back. No,

Enric Gabarro? 40:51
here here. They didn’t allow it right now. Two, three weeks ago, they started allowing running and walking in the evenings. But now we’re back to normality. So that’s We get couples therapy. I know where I for right now we’re all right. I went five days away. So now we’re feeling better. Would you go away?

Andrew Warner 41:08
I went to my parents house in the coast. So really nice. I stayed in the beach. That was that was really cool. We did couples therapy, I just called it I called the quits. It was two weeks ago. I said, I don’t think I’m getting enough out of this. It’s just not the best use of my time. I’m gonna free up an hour my day. Yeah, Libby couldn’t believe it. Come on, we’re not going through that much. I need a break from this break. I can’t imagine can’t imagine. You know, when in a past interview, I said to a therapist. I think online therapy is just bogus, because it’s still doing it the same way you sit in their office, the offices all look the same. They each have their approach that they think is different, but it’s really the same. I said, Why can’t you just like, I don’t know if you’re going to talk put a phone on a selfie with your phone and selfie stick and go for a walk so you can walk and talk? Yeah. So I said I complained to my therapist with Olivia and she said, do it. I go Yeah, I really would. She goes no Do it now. And I’m looking at that, because we do it on zoom, looking at my wife’s face. And ah, this is what I need to talk to you about. And the therapist is doing. So I put the phone with zoom on it on a selfie stick, I went for a walk through San Francisco, as I’m talking to a therapist, it felt great. So she was wonderful. That realization that I need to have in my ways great.

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Unknown Speaker 42:21
I can’t say no, that’s a really good way of doing it. Actually. Let me give it a walk. Yeah, hundred percent

Andrew Warner 42:27
make it look different. All right. What What did you do to scale up? So now we got the basic infrastructure in place? What did you do to grow it?

Enric Gabarro? 42:36
I think it’s, I like to say always, it’s about a philosophy. It’s like, first understand how you’re gonna build it manually and then just automate it. So it was about understanding what are the levers and understanding the power of Yeah, the power of network effects, if we want to call it even though sometimes there’s it’s a little bit of a buzzword. It’s our strategy has been always about focusing on Nisha So how we do it is we tend to concentrate on a niche and specific niches like beauty or family is something something that we’re really strong. So at the end, what you’re creating is the effect that everyone is talking about bigger because if you’re a, let’s say, a woman of 35 years old, and you’re following six influencers that are recommending a lot of stuff for kids, and he said that the six implants are on finger, you have the feeling that everyone is a picker, and everyone is sharing stuff and picker. So what we started doing was I note by no acquisition, so we started acquiring a lot of influencers in beauty. Then we saw that a lot of beauty influencers, were recommending a lot of stuff a family, and then a lot of family, that word that we’re recommending also a lot of stuff for yoga on vegan and kitchen stuff. So then we started expanding and going into different territories and verticals

Andrew Warner 43:45
and and then you pay them. But if their users if their followers come on and become users of yours, they don’t get paid you keep 100% of the Commission. Exactly, unless they become big enough that they start to have executive

Enric Gabarro? 43:59
We don’t want, like, we want to build something that helps people. You know, it’s like I think sharing your favorite products kind of help other people in the world. That’s why that’s why I’m really motivated by what we’re building. And that’s why our team loves it is like, because every single person in the world has a different concept on what is what is a good product, like some people say, Oh, I really appreciate vegan products. I really appreciate Fairtrade products, I really appreciate long lasting products, and every single one of us has a different definition. But if someone becomes like really strong in our in our platform, they can apply to our creators program, where we will review them and then they can start making money out of their recommendations because we want to empower these people that are investing a lot of time on creating great content and bringing a lot of people to the platform.

Andrew Warner 44:40
Kind of like YouTube YouTube doesn’t pay people exactly big enough. Right? Exactly. To use the platform for free it’s not about it’s

Enric Gabarro? 44:46
not about big enough. It’s like it’s are you investing a lot of time and generating great content so that the platform is better than we want to compensate these people hundred percent because if they are happy, we’re going to be happy and that’s the way we approach It.

Andrew Warner 45:01
So then how how, what percentage of your sales is coming from people who have a direct paid relationship with you versus regular people who are just using it?

Enric Gabarro? 45:11
Right now, it’s mainly the ones that are getting money because they are the early adopters on there are the influencers and are the ones that we are proactively acquiring. And it’s increasing its mother per month increasing the part of normal users that are recommending their favorite products to friends or even to just the community because if you go on search for something maybe non influencer has recommended it, but maybe to users that are non influencers. They have said this is amazing. Like this product that I just

Andrew Warner 45:38
bought in an average person. Oh, that’s a flyswatter water. I mean, give me an average. Like, give me a sense of it. What are we talking about? What percentage comes from people who have paid connection with you versus

Enric Gabarro? 45:51
now it’s I would say I would say it’s around 85 90% are in the center once Yeah, okay. And and the others are just the nominal They’re not important to us. Right. So

Andrew Warner 46:01
here’s one that I’m looking at right now. Let me see if I could hold up my iPad for you. Right there. This is a page on your site, right?

Unknown Speaker 46:08
Yeah. Okay, what is this product? Actually?

Andrew Warner 46:11
This is a DIY person. Gotcha. Marianna severo she’s got DIY collection here. I don’t tap. Yeah, what do I tap to get this out?

Enric Gabarro? 46:22
I want that on the on the button below where it says, bring me to the shop.

Andrew Warner 46:26
Oh, it says thank you. And then bring me I see I thought that was just me saying thank you. And now because I hit bring me to the shop. I go to Amazon, but she gets another grass. Yes, exactly. Right. Exactly. That’s the that’s why I missed it. I was just thinking I suppose that

Enric Gabarro? 46:40
that’s the concept is like you’re going to the shop, but at the same time, you’re telling her thanks for your pick. I really I really liked it.

Andrew Warner 46:46
And so now I can see on your platform. How many people have clicked over to her? Yeah. To a product she has 35,000 Grace? Yes.

Enric Gabarro? 46:55

Andrew Warner 46:56
That time she sent people to stores. Exactly. Got it. Now. You’re starting to see who’s sending people to stores a lot within the DIY framework. And if a brand comes to you like Lowe’s, they say we want to work with people who are in the DIY space. Can you get us people who can send customers

Enric Gabarro? 47:12
now? That’s, it’s like, yeah, let me tell you because it’s like, it’s like, right now what we’re doing is like just building supply. So it’s about getting a lot of brands. But if a brand now comes and it has already happened, like, let’s be honest, like a lot of brands that I worked with in the past, they said, Hey, Eric, I want to have access to all the influencers that are selling products and picker. I’m like, No, because we don’t want to destroy the concept like the beauty of pickers that beaker that people share what products they love, and we don’t want to enforce people what they have to share. So is like just create great products, and people will start recommending it on picker. Then afterwards, you can invest money and picker so that we generate more sales for you. But how to promote the

Andrew Warner 47:52
product. Yeah, most the people and promote the products that are already being shared exactly the brand create their own garden. Yeah, got it. So They pay to promote it. And then the influencer who linked to it gets a little bit more money because they’re generating more sales. Got it? Oh, that’s the model. I like that a lot. Yeah, that’s how it works. I got you know what, I wish I could do that on other platforms. I wish I don’t think I would

Enric Gabarro? 48:16
be doing ads, you’re doing ads, another platform like you can start doing ads with us, I will give you a chance

Andrew Warner 48:22
to do it. I would do it.

Enric Gabarro? 48:23
Right now. Right now we kind of do it because it’s like, it’s not something that you can directly purchase. Right now. We’re tied to products. But that’s exactly what we’re talking about. It’s like imagine in the future. A lot of people will say, Oh, the microphone again. Let’s talk about your microphone. It’s like they’re standing users that are saying, this is the best microphone ever. This company might come to us and say, hey, I want to promote for winter. For sales in Christmas, I want to promote the sales of this product. So that’s that’s how we’re going to push it.

Andrew Warner 48:53
I would. Thanks. It’s weird when people work from home that sorry. Sorry, thanks. I didn’t want to I didn’t want to ask because I didn’t realize that he had already gone through trouble. They’re stuck at home at COVID. And I’m going to say, Please stop making dinner when it’s dinnertime. Well, the problem with with advertising podcast is there’s no direct way for me to know whether an ad worked. I can’t I could, I’d be willing to spend tons of money on advertising.

Enric Gabarro? 49:20
Beauty, and that’s the beauty of where I come from. And that’s where I’ve been working on. It’s like, I have been having brands that spend millions of dollars in generating content. And it’s like with Baker, what they can know actually the sales that they’re generating, and they can invest money and actually generate great sales. Yeah, that’s,

Andrew Warner 49:35
that’s an amazing pitch for brands, to be honest, what i mean i what i would like to even do is sometimes somebody will say something really good about what I might work on on Twitter. I would just like to pay money to promote their message without corrupting their message. You know what I can’t Yeah, exactly. That more traffic. Right? What do you see this whole thing going? Where’s pinker going? What’s the vision that you’ve got?

Enric Gabarro? 49:56
Yeah, well, the vision has like To be honest, how we see as well. We’re going to change the way we buy for good. And the thing is that we’re going to change the way we buy. And that’s that’s, that’s something that it’s going to take a while. And it’s going to take a lot of efforts and a lot of funding. But it’s something that we see going it’s like Amazon or other players is like, we were going to have a need of discovering products in a different way that it’s better than what we have right now. And that’s what we’re building. That’s like, sky’s the limit.

Andrew Warner 50:24
Wait, but isn’t, isn’t Facebook going to change the way that we buy by making it more social? They’re already adding it to both the Facebook product itself and Instagram? What are you going to do that’s different? How are you going to survive in their world?

Enric Gabarro? 50:38
Yeah, I think I think there’s something really interesting I know and I always like to do this, this this, this thinking is like what is the business of Facebook and Instagram, Facebook and Instagram, the business is about average time spent. And the more you spend time, the more it you’re seeing, so the more money they do if what they don’t want to use that you leave the platform in picker, what do we want our average time span that I want in my platform is Five seconds, because I want you to arrive, see a product that you love, and you just buy it. And that’s it. I don’t want you to be hooked on my platform eight to eight hours a day, you know, like our, our business radically different. But that’s the bit that’s the solution to the, you basically have two different solutions. But the problem that you’re both addressing is the same. The problem is, I want to know what to buy from people who, whose opinions I respect. Yeah, I might want to know what sneakers to buy from the purse, not from my brother or uncle or Amazon, but from a person whose real sneaker head. That’s the problem that you’re both solving, right? Yeah, it depends. Because it’s not only about seeing the products that someone is using is about changing the way you’re discovering products is like in picker, it’s not going to be like an Amazon where you’re having 500 people are saying five, five stars out of five. It’s like it’s going to be more like buy this product for you because we know you like this specific sort of products from the kitchen. Vertical and we know that you like to buy stuff that is between 20 and $30. And we know that this product has been recommended to you by these two influencers that default and these three friends that that you’re friends with. So the approach is more about how to find great stuff tailored to you, rather than just finding within an Instagram profile of an influencer, which would be the Instagram approach, I’d say.

Andrew Warner 52:25
I think that they’re gonna be a challenge, because they are thinking that way and they are thinking about how to match me up with people who I’m interested in. But I think it’s gonna be I think

Enric Gabarro? 52:35
it’s gonna be a fun challenge. Definitely. I really think so.

Andrew Warner 52:38
I think in that product first search is being handled really well by Amazon. Well, I think it’s kind of I don’t think it’s great but it’s handled.

Enric Gabarro? 52:47
I think I think it’s solved okay with with with Bill as an e commerce and it’s like the best way but what I like to say always it’s like people bid algorithm. So that’s

Andrew Warner 52:57
the whole thing. People taste base first. is not being solved by them product by product first, Google and Amazon are great for I type it in, I come up with products right? Could be better but it’s working. But people first I don’t know if I wanted to say get into drone photography I don’t know how I would find the right person to recommend the right tools for me the only thing I would do is just spend a lot of time on YouTube just looking at people’s video that’s and that’s that’s

Enric Gabarro? 53:26
exactly right. Like if I just started two weeks ago cycling like unprofessional cycling, because I’ve always liked but I wanted to buy a really good bike. Yeah. And I just went to two friends that they go away every single weekend. And I was like robot Do I have to get what helmet Where do I buy the clothes? What shoes do I have to get? And it’s like, for me it would be like just entering picker and just circuit searching cyclists and I would see like, Oh, this guy is the one you should trust because we already know that you like all this products.

Andrew Warner 53:53
Yeah, I think that’s a great example for me I’m interested in I want to try bike packing once this whole COVID thing goes away where you just

Enric Gabarro? 53:59
have to has to be I really want to do that yeah,

Andrew Warner 54:01
I just I want to be on my bike go from San Francisco to LA that was one of my ideas for this year kept my my tent in there get my get all my equipment on my bike and go cycle and I want it get things that are really small. Well so if I’m going to get a sleeping bag for myself or for my backyard, I might as well get one with bike packing money. How am I gonna find that? So go to Amazon, I look and all I get is like the cheapest thing there. What I want is, yeah, give me the dude. There’s just one Italian dude, who constantly does bike packing on YouTube. I love his style. I want to see a list. Dude, I know that you can spend thousands of dollars on this stuff. Maybe 1800 actually seems like a terrible amount that they spend on it. Give me like, if I just want to taste it $300 What can I get? Give me a list of things for $300 I can’t find it. I know that he did a video one time, but I don’t remember his name. I know he’s a Italian. Don’t

Enric Gabarro? 54:54
remember the name. I don’t mean you won’t find the video

Andrew Warner 54:59
video. And then he’s comparing it to something else, which is just gonna make me feel bad about buying the cheap version. Just give me a frickin list. And then I’ll go and buy it. All right, yeah, that’s the idea of the pickers is, is working on it is not available in the US. Right. But it’s coming. It’s it’s going to be available in the US in the upcoming months. All right, it is available in Spain. Where else did I see that you guys were able to in Germany and Spain, in Austria on in Switzerland, and really soon France, UK and USA. Alright, if you’re interested, go check them [email protected] and the app is doing really well in the App Store. I could use that as a consumer right? Yes, hundred percent Patterson. And I want to thank two sponsors who made this interview happen the first if you are looking to hire developers, look at this. We just talked about how pickers hired from top towel you should be hiring from top towel to and the first place to go to get that started. Go to top towel comm slash mixergy top towel comm slash mixergy and the second now that this episode is over in whatever app you like, Even if it’s on the web, and for not using App, go search for Traffic Secrets. Thanks so much for doing this interview.

Unknown Speaker 56:07
Thank you. That was great fun.

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